martes, febrero 08, 2011

"Némesis", de Philip Roth, en tres citas

"His anger provoked not against the Italians or the houseflies or the mail or the milk or the money or malodorous Secaucus or the merciless heat or Horace, not against whatever cause, however unlikely, people, in their fear and confusion, might advance to explain the epidemic, not even against the polio virus, but against the source, the creator -against God, who made the virus."

* * *

"These were the terrifying numbers charting the progress of a horrible disease and, in the sixteen wards of Newark, corresponding in their impact to the numbers of the dead, wounded, and missing in the real war. Because this was real war too, a war of slaughter, ruin, waste and damnation, war with the ravages of war -war upon the children of Newark."

* * *

"Sometimes you're lucky and sometimes you're not. Any biography is chance, and, beginning at conception, chance -the tyranny of contingency- is everything. Chance is what I believed Mr. Cantor meant when he was decrying what he called God."

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