miércoles, septiembre 10, 2008

Marek Hlasko, el Hemingway polaco

There was a commotion at the counter. The waiter pulled a man out by the collar; in the doorway one of them gave him a blow with his knee. Agnieszka bent over Grzegorz. 'Don't I mean anything to you, either?'
'This is demagogy,' he said. 'The method is completely discredited. Stalin wasn't succesful with it; what makes you think you will be?'
'I don't think. I'm just tired.'
'Everybody's tired. There are two things that tie people to each other in Poland -vodka and exhaustion.'


'Snow,' said Agnieszka. She touched the pane. 'Rain with snow. Such things can happen even in May. It was sultry all week.'
'But why Sunday of all days?' her father asked despairingly. 'Why must it rain on Sunday?'
'A Communist trick. To discourage people from going to church.'

De Osmy Dzien Tygodnia (1956).

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