martes, junio 17, 2008

¿Dónde está Hemingway? ¿Dónde Mailer?

"A little penis, it turns out, can be a dangerous thing. But it’s not crazy at all to feel bad for the young male writers of our time, despite all they have done to us with their books.

(...) From Dave Eggers to Jonathan Safran Foer to Dana Vachon to Joshua Ferris to Jeff Hobbs to Charles Bock, JT Leroy outdid them all. And he was a lady. And a bona fide nutjob."

Choire Sicha lamentando en The New York Observer la ausencia de apóstoles de la masculinidad en la narrativa norteamericana de hoy día (el artículo al completo puede ser consultado más o menos aquí).

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